Translation Services

Translation Services

With clearly written translations, The Gotham Lab will help you communicate effectively with customers around the world. As a leading translation company and translation service provider, we go beyond grammatical accuracy in our translations to consistently capture both regional and cultural nuances. Our specialized translators, writers and editors handle each translation project using their expertise to timely and accurately address your business translation, commercial translation, document translation, legal translation and website translation needs. With headquarters in New York City, our translation company is able to provide professional, accurate and competitively priced translation services to customers anywhere in the world. No translation project is too large or small. Notarized certificates of accuracy are available for all of our translations. "Our experience was OUTSTANDING. The Gotham Lab was a pleasure to work with." - MTV Networks The Gotham Lab has a courteous, professional staff of highly credentialed translators, editors and writers to timely and accurately meet your translation needs. Specialized translation services are offered for document translations, multimedia translations and website translations. For translation services specifically in these areas, we have a technically savvy and professionally trained team of project managers and bi-lingual translators that work together, providing you with the most efficient workflow and ultimately the best rates available.


Document Translation

The Gotham Lab provides professional document translation services to Fortune 500 companies and individuals around the world. We offer specialized, certified translations in over 75 languages. Our translations convey the intent and meaning of the source language while maintaining a sensitivity to cultural nuances.

We handle document translation in these specialized fields:

  • Legal documents

  • Business documents

  • Immigration documents

  • Educational documents

  • Medical documents

  • Technical documents

The Gotham Lab provides rush document translation services with 24 hour support, 7 days a week. We are equipped to expedite our document translation services in order to meet our client's New York, Moscow or Tokyo deadlines– we are available anytime, anywhere. Please feel free to contact us using our online translation contact form.

Multimedia Translation

The Gotham Lab specializes in multimedia translation. We offer a variety of packages to localize your film or audio project. Whether transcribing raw footage and translating with time-code or formatting translated scripts, we know multimedia translation. We offer over a decade of experience and have grown with the industry. Our specialized fields in multimedia translation include: Time-coded translation services Subtitling translation services XML file translation TXT file translation Transcription services

Website Translation

The Gotham Lab offers specialized website translation services. Website translation is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your market globally. Website translation provides accessibility to potential customers and audiences in any language. At Gotham Lab, there are specialized translators, linguists and editors ready to effectively extend your reach to many different countries and cultures. With all the linguistic, cultural, and technical aspects involved, localizing your site can be a daunting project for any business to tackle alone. That's why you need professional website translation services.

When translating your site, we will ensure that the translation is accurate, precise, appropriate, and clear. Highly skilled marketing content translators with experience in your given field perform all of our localization, guaranteeing that your message is not lost in translation. Because our experts translate only into their native language, you can be sure that the translation is accurate and appropriately localized for your target audience.


Contact us today for a free translation and multimedia localization estimate. Our experienced, friendly team is ready to assist you.

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