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In today’s globalized world, businesses need to be able to communicate across cultures and languages; this is where translation services come in. A good translation company will have experienced human translators fluent in both languages and understand cultural nuances. In addition, a thorough understanding of syntax and culture is crucial because a large part of communication is cultural. What may be an innocuous statement in one culture could be highly offensive in another. Google Translate falls short; it’s not nuanced enough to provide an accurate translation. In this blog, we will explore the history of the French language, the importance of human translators, and why Google Translate is not enough.

Why Human Translators Are Important

While Google Translate can be a good tool, only human translators can pick up specific nuances. For a machine to translate accurately, it needs to analyze the context and purpose of the text. Unfortunately, machines cannot think critically or understand cultural context or subtext. They also cannot account for idioms, sarcasm, and jokes.

For instance, consider a study in the Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, the study concluded that while Google Translate could accurately interpret words, phrases, and sentences; however, it did not have reliable accuracy in translating culture between the source and target languages. GT cannot yet translate cultural context. Human translators are essential for ensuring that messages are accurately conveyed for businesses looking to expand their global footprint.

However, the inaccuracies of machine translation could pose serious concerns for government entities that use them to vet documents. For example, if a machine mistranslates even one crucial word, it could result in a significant misunderstanding; unfortunately, some government entities like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asked their officers to use Google Translation services.

They were instructed to use the service to sift through immigrant social media posts to decide whom to admit into the country. The government’s reliance on Google Translate is troubling, especially since Google itself advises against using its translation services for such activities. According to Google, their translation services are not intended to replace human translators; humans ensure that critical documents are translated accurately.

How Human Translation Services Can Benefit Businesses

Businesses need to be able to communicate across cultures and languages. Therefore, companies need translation services to communicate effectively, whether for international business deals, marketing to a global audience, or providing customer support in multiple languages. Unfortunately, machine translation services are inaccurate and can often lead to serious mistranslations. On the other hand, human translators are more accurate and offer many benefits.


One of the essential qualities of a good translator is accuracy. A human translator will have a thorough understanding of both the source language and the target language and can capture the nuances and subtleties of each language in their translation. Unfortunately, this level of understanding is impossible with machine translation tools like Google Translate, which often result in nonsensical translations.


Another critical advantage that human translators have over machine translation is flexibility. A human translator can adjust their translation to suit their client’s specific needs, whether for a technical manual, a legal document, or a contract. In contrast, machine translation is much less flexible and can often not correctly translate documents with complex or idiomatic language. 

Cultural Competency

An effective translation also needs to consider the target audience’s culture. A trained human translator will have an in-depth understanding of the target culture and will be able to adapt their translation accordingly. This cultural competence is essential for communicating your message effectively and avoiding potential cultural missteps.  

Human Translators Are More Affordable Human translation companies are often more affordable than you might think. Their services are worth the price, considering their many benefits. By using automated translators, you risk paying for “re-reading” to edit mistakes made by the translation services. In the long term, human translators provide more value and are more affordable than machine translation tools.

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