Gotham Lab uses a proprietary subtitling and captioning platform that speeds up efficiency and saves you money.


FCC closed captioning requirements are becoming more important than ever with the increase in content across platforms.  


Gotham Lab offers audio/video transcriptions in ANY language for an average of $2 per minute. Learn more here.

Subtitling Services & Closed Captioning Services

Gotham Lab handles all aspects of our video subtitling and captioning services in-house. This is one important advantage that we have over our competitors, who most likely outsource your video subtitling project over seas. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language and highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation. We have been providing video subtitling and closed captioning services for two decades, setting us apart from other subtitling companies. Contact us today, we’re ready to help!

Our skill and expertise in translating for subtitling is unmatched. We have nearly two decades worth of experience with subtitling and captioning services. Gotham Lab is an industry leader in translations for subtitles, subtitling and closed captioning services in over 100 languages and localized markets world wide. 

Capturing the meaning and intent while accurately timing for synch to video in vital in providing subtitled and captioned material that maintains the integrity and intent of the source language. We specialize in crisp, high-resolution rendering allowing for seamless output in a variety of industry standard formats. 

Subtitling Workflow

Subtitling work begins with an accurate translation from the source language that maintains the meaning and intent of the character dialogue. This is an important first step in localizing your video for the target audience. Part of the subtitling quality assurance process includes test viewing sessions by our language and subtitling experts, who consistently follow our strict quality control guidelines. 

Subtitling Service Company

Proprietary Subtitling & Captioning Platform

Our use of a proprietary subtitling and captioning platform enables our language and subtitling experts to work in the cloud collaboratively. This means we get subtitling and captioning done faster and for less money than any competitors out there in the localization service industry! To find out more about our subtitling and captioning platform, get in touch today. A friendly, informative member of our staff is just a phone call away and would love to talk to you about your media localization project! Gotham Lab provides rush service turnaround for all translation services, voice-over production and subtitling services. 

Closed captioning for the hearing impaired is a vital part of being ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) works to ensure that all audio recorded and multimedia material adhere to ADA guidelines with regards to accessibility through Closed Captioning and Audio Description Services. Gotham Lab has been an expert in confirming multimedia localization to ADA standards. Our proprietary captioning software has streamlined the subtitling and captioning process for any languages. We integrate the latest in AI technology with hand selected subtitle experts and editors to produce 99% accurate subtitle and captioning translation services. To learn more about the ADA click here. 

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We are the one stop shop for media localization and language services

Spanish Translation Services

Language Translations

Need a translation? We have your back. With hand-selected translators in over 50 languages let us help you break the language barrier and get your content out there. Our translations are handled by thoroughly vetted professionals, not software or AI, and we’re proud of that. 

Subtitling services

Subtitling & Captioning

With an increase in global viewership around the world, having subtitles and captions for your video content is a necessity. Subtitling and captioning your content will help you reach the largest audience possible and enable viewers to understand your videos in any language.

Voice over recording studio

Voice Over Recording

We have hundreds of professional voice talent in over 50 languages. Our in-house studio uses the highest quality microphones, hardware and software to produce broadcast ready recordings in any language. We have exclusivity agreements and audio engineers ready to get it done.