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We offer professional voice over recording in over 50+ languages. Find the right voice for your project, in any language, here. 

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Choose a voice over service to learn more. Find out how we provide voice over services while offering virtual monitoring of each session for clients, free of charge. 

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Voice Over Recording

Gotham Lab’s voice over services include a multi-platinum recording studio with state of the art technology and equipment to provide broadcast quality voice over recording. Our experienced project managers and audio engineers pride themselves on achieving client objectives while maintaining sensitivity to the specific needs and expectations of each unique voice over recording project. 

Voice-over production is our passion. We provide full flexibility and functionality with all audio format types, both analogue and digital. Our recording studio is outfitted with Pro Tools, Vegas, Logic and a number of top end industry standard hardware elements that combine to create pristine broadcast-quality audio. Whether recording a musical ensemble or voiceover session, our experienced engineers walk into each unique project with the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge to bring your ideas and projects to life. Audio-visual production and voice over dubbing is our area of expertise for two decades. We have been producing voice over for advertising, audio guides, audio books, animation, corporate videos and eLearning for well over a decade. If you have been to a museum or cultural attraction anywhere in the world, chances are you’ve heard our work.

Get in touch today to talk about our voice over services and let us know how we can help. Don’t settle for an automated system, web form or virtual assistant. Your project deserves better. Talk to a professional project manager today, for free. 

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Dubbing Services & ADR

Language dubbing is the process of replacing the dialogue of a video with a “foreign” language, different than the original source language. Dubbing services require experience and attention to detail as well as the tools and audio engineers to get the job done right. Great attention to detail and care is taken to ensure that lips are synchronized to picture and that the tone and emotion is carried over from the source language. This is where our professional voice talent comes in. We have voice talent for dubbing services ranging in age and style, both union and non-union, coupled with our experienced language directors, who are present during the actual recording session, we ensure top quality talent and end results in any language. 

Dubbing services are often used in film and television to reach a broader audience, given the replacement of dialogue with a new language. ADR (automated dialogue replacement), is the process of replacing existing dialogue with new audio in the same language. When dialogue recording for film on set is not optimal, ADR is used to re-record lines of dialogue by the original actor(s) involved. It is estimated that 80% of dialogue in film is replaced using ADR. The most common reasons for this are: noisy location during filming, unintelligible dialogue, accents, non-verbal sounds and story changes.

Dubbing and ADR services are something that Gotham Lab has been experienced in since 2004. Contact us today to speak with an attentive, friendly project manager for free. 


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say:

The best voice over services of all the companies that we’ve tried.

Mary Braithweite

Wunderman Marketing, Inc. 

Gotham Lab handled our project with great professionalism and attention to detail. 

Mark Groban

Dell EMC 

Very pleased with the variety of voice over actors and script translations.

Jerry Cantrel


Thank you for your professionalism and timely delivery. Great voice over work in multiple languages!

David Chiellini


The voice over project was expertly done. Gotham Lab is always accommodating and flexible with changing requests. 

Michael Brubek

Mammoth, NYC

The voice over session ran flawlessly. Great people to work with. 

Diane Jones


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A few more things we’re great at

We are the one stop shop for media localization and language services

Need a translation? We have your back. With hand-selected translators in over 50 languages let us help you break the language barrier and get your content out there. Our translations are handled by thoroughly vetted professionals, not software or AI, and we’re proud of that. 

With an increase in global viewership around the world, having subtitles and captions for your video content is a necessity. Subtitling and captioning your content will help you reach the largest audience possible and enable viewers to understand your videos in any language.

We have hundreds of professional voice talent in over 50 languages. Our in-house studio uses the highest quality microphones, hardware and software to produce broadcast ready recordings in any language. We have exclusivity agreements and audio engineers ready to get it done.