Translation Services

We have a courteous, professional staff of highly credentialed and hand-selected human translators, editors and linguists to timely and accurately meet your localization service and language needs. Specialized human translation services are offered for business translations, document translations, legal translations, technical translations and translations for media localization services, voice over and subtitling.  Contact us today!

Voice Over Services

Choose from our hundreds of voice-over talent in over 100 languages. We have the voice talent and recording studio to provide broadcast ready media localization services at affordable rates.  We consistently beat competitor pricing and turnaround thanks to our in-house combination of translation services and recording studios. We also provide audio description services for the hearing impaired. Contact us today for a free voice over quote.

Subtitling & Captioning

Our proprietary subtitling and captioning software reduces turnaround time and cost by over 50% compared to competitors. We have specially trained linguists and subtitling experts that use our proprietary subtitling platform to produce broadcast ready subtitles and captions at a fraction of the cost and time. We work with over 50+ languages and can provide subtitling and captioning rates for as little as $1 per minute of video run-time! Contact us today to speak with who can help answer any questions and get you a quote within minutes!

Why Choose Us?

Gotham Lab is a New York based, American owned and operated media localization and language services company. Support American small business and receive the best quality and customer support in return. 


We are not the middle man and we never outsource work. All translation services, voice over recording, subtitling & captioning services are handled by us. 


There’s a reason we’ve been around for two decades. We value our clients and we are experts in media localization and translation services. 

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Market research shows that Gotham Lab is 20% – 30% lower in cost than ANY localization service competitor.  

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Language Solutions & Localization Services

Our process begins and ends with our people.

We have the experience, knowledge and resources to localize your film, commercial, educational or industrial translation, voiceover and subtitling projects in over 50 languages.  We are New York based and family owned. When you use us, nothing is outsourced. We believe in attentive and responsive customer service with a personal touch and offer unbeatable rates and turnaround times for all localization services and language solutions.

In the age of automation and AI, we offer something different; people who care about your project and understand your expectations. We provide a human touch in a digital world. 

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Language Solutions – Translations

Media Translations
  • Audio/Video Translations
  • Script Translations
  • Subtitle Translations
  • Website Translations

Technical Translations
  • Assembly Translations
  • Manufacturing Translations
  • Manual Translations
  • Instruction Translations

Localization Services – Voice Over

Our voice talent pool includes union and non-union professional voice talent. We offer flexible usage terms and buy-outs for broadcast and web use. 

We produce in-house corporate voice-overs in 50+ languages for:

  • Corporate Imaging
  • Corporate Training
  • Internal Communication 

A state of the art recording studio facilities voice dubbing synced to picture in any language. We have over 20 years of experience in voice over for film and video. 

Localization Services – Subtitling Captioning

Subtitling services for projects of all sizes; in any language. With our cloud subtitling platform, we beat competitor prices and turnaround by more than 50%.   

We provide full audio descriptive text for closed captioning. Closed captioning services are regulated by the FCC. Do it right the first time. Let us handle captioning for you. 

Our team of audio description experts will:

  • Create a detailed script
  • Time between dialogue
  • Record audio description track with human talent

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Join the clients that benefit from our localization services & language solutions by increasing market size through the power of language. 

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