Translation services for audio and video files in any language. 

Pre-production film, television and audio guide script translation.

Subtitle Translations

Accurate, concise and time-coded human subtitle translations. 

Translation of website articles, content and pages ready to go live.

Multimedia Translation Services

What does multimedia translation mean? Multimedia translation is a term that often describes using more than one form of digital media for communication, entertainment and expression. Multimedia combines different elements of animation, audio, images, text and video. The end result can be played back on a variety of commonly used devices such as televisions, desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

There are a variety of file formats and specifications that can be used determined by the form distribution for the content. Some of the most common formats are: .mp4 files, .mov files, .wav files, .mp3 files, .ppt files and others. Gotham Lab has the knowledge, experience and equipment to see your project through and provide you with the most affordable, multimedia localization services around. We don’t outsource any aspect of our work and handle all projects in our Manhattan production and recording studios.

Multimedia Translations

With the spread and development of global communication, marketing and entertainment around the world, multimedia translation services have become a powerful tool in communicating between different people and cultures. Multimedia technology creates a platform where language translations can be utilized to expand an audience. Multimedia localization and translation enables people to communicate with any language through audio, visual and animation content. It also helps create context, since an important aspect of communication involves cultural nuance and an understanding of local colloquialisms and expressions.

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Audio Translation Services

Video Translation Services

We offer translation services directly from audio files in any format. The translation labs that our hand-selected translators work in are equipped with the latest language solution tools to accurately and efficiently translate audio files, even files that may not be clearly audible. Because of our knowledge and expertise in audio engineering, we are able to enhance audio files when needed, so that every word is audible and translated in order to maintain the integrity and intent of what’s being conveyed, even after translation. No audio translation project is too large or small for us to handle. Do you have 100 hours of interview material, audio guide content, depositions or testimonials? No problem. Let us help you simplify the process and take it from here. Contact us today to speak with a project manager so that we can get started on providing you with the most cost effective, efficient audio translation services in the industry!

Our video translation services begin with identifying the content and subject matter to determine which of our specialized translators are best suited in that particular area of expertise. We offer video translations for legal, medical, business, finance, corporate, education and entertainment projects. As is often the case with documentary films that have footage where a foreign language is being spoken, we understand that raw, unedited footage can run in the dozens of hours of footage, if not more. This is why we offer significant volume discounts on translation services and on-site editing language solutions for documentary film makers. All video translation services are handled in-house and confidentially by our hand-selected human translators.  Contact us today to speak with a project manager to get started with the most cost effective, efficient video translation services around!

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Script Translation Services

We offer specialized script translation services for CCSL creation and voice-over recording scripts. Dialogue script translations involve translating spoken or written dialogues from one language to another while preserving the meaning, tone, and cultural nuances of the original content. This is a crucial aspect of localization in the entertainment industry, including films, television, video games, theater, and more. Here’s an overview of dialogue script translations:

Translating Spoken Dialogues:

  • In film, television, and theater, translating spoken dialogues involves ensuring that the actors can deliver their lines fluently in the target language. This often requires maintaining the length and rhythm of the original lines.


  • Subtitling is common for films and television shows. It involves displaying translated text on the screen while keeping it synchronized with the spoken dialogue. Subtitling is popular when it’s important to hear the original language, such as with foreign films.


  • Dubbing is the process of re-recording the dialogue in a different language. It’s commonly used in international film and TV distribution. Skilled voice actors match their performances to the lip movements of the original actors.


  • Beyond translation, localization takes into account cultural and regional differences. This might involve changing idioms, jokes, or references to make them relevant and understandable in the target culture.


  • Sometimes, direct translation is not enough. Adaptation involves rewriting the dialogue to ensure it makes sense in the target language and culture, while still conveying the original meaning.


  • Voiceovers are common in video games, where character dialogues and narration are translated and recorded by voice actors in the target language.

Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Translators need to be culturally sensitive and aware to ensure that nothing in the dialogue is offensive, inappropriate, or misunderstood in the target culture.

Proofreading and Editing:

  • Dialogue script translations are usually reviewed and edited to ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency. Proofreaders and editors play a crucial role in the process.

Time Constraints:

  • In subtitling and dubbing, there are often strict time constraints to ensure that the translated dialogue matches the original in terms of duration. This can be a challenging aspect of the translation process.

Team Collaboration:

  • Translating dialogue scripts often involves collaboration between translators, voice actors, directors, and other professionals to achieve the best results.

Software and Technology:

  • Various software and tools are available to aid in the translation and synchronization of dialogue scripts, making the process more efficient and precise.

Legal and Licensing Considerations:

  • Translating and adapting dialogue scripts may involve legal and licensing agreements, especially in the entertainment industry, to ensure proper compensation and rights management.

Dialogue script translations require a deep understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as the ability to capture the essence and emotions of the original content. It’s a creative and linguistic challenge that plays a significant role in making media accessible to diverse audiences worldwide. Gotham Lab has been translating film and television scripts since 2004. You can find a movie script database here, some of which were translated. 

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